HDMI cable for Freestarz™

HDMI cable for Freestarz™

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Using the HDMI cable, your projector will also be compatible with your computers and televisions.

Select the HDMI output for a unique experience from your laptop, at home or with friends.

Use your laptop on any large screen surface with the Freestarz™ projector!

*An HDMI cable is already included with your Freestarz™ projector.

Data sheet:

Length: 90cm
Works with 1080p resolution
Works with 3D video

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q: Is the HDMI cable included with my projector?
A: The HDMI cable is included with the purchase of a projector but you can also buy it individually!

Q: What devices is this cable compatible with?
A: The HDMI cable works with all devices that have an HDMI port (Computer, game consoles, Chromecast, ...).